Energy & Utility

Energy & Utilities industry is undergoing a major transformation. The energy market is characterized by whole-scale privatization and fast-paced technological developments. Changing regulations, policies, market competition and aging workforce requires a new infrastructure to handle new systems. Aging systems built on legacy architectures are too rigid to customize or integrate with emerging IT solutions. This severely constrains enterprises from delivering on-demand customer services. Today, the focus is on innovation in operations to achieve efficiency and maximize value.

To sustain in this environment enterprises must ensure the agility to meet customer demands and continually achieve higher service levels. The high cost involved in such initiatives and the lack of technical expertise are constant concerns for most enterprises.

Tanisha Systems provides solutions to benefit the entire process of utility companies helping them in acquiring greater efficiency and optimizing asset utilization to improving customer care and comply with state & federal regulations. We have a talent and technical resources to address specific requirements of enterprises in the utilities segment. We have implemented mission-critical solutions spanning several energy verticals such as billing, distribution, service, client information, and finance. Our focus is on repositioning legacy environments and providing businesses the agility to respond to market dynamics.